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Handheld Automatic Dishwasher Scrubber


  • ◇The automatic dishwasher adopts imported cleaning brushes, which are environmentally friendly and healthy, clean without residue, and always keep the family healthy. The claw angle can be adjusted, and tableware of various sizes can be fixed. It is simple and convenient, non-slip and durable.
  • ◇Manipulator for automatic dishwashing. Environmental protection, beautiful, simple, good cleaning effect. A brand-new dishwashing experience without touching oil.
  • ◇Unique hand-held automatic dishwasher, just lock it in the plate and bowl, then pull the trigger, it will spin violently when the plate rotates, and the washing machine will drag around the plate. You can get a new dishwashing experience without touching grease.
  • ◇It allows you to easily enjoy the fun of washing dishes and experience different washing experiences. Whether it is a bowl or a plate, you can easily complete the cleaning task.
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Package Includes:

1 Piece Handheld Smart Dishwasher
1 Piece Power Supply
1 Piece Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michelle Weiner
Fun to Use

I can actually get my husband to help wash dishes with this thing.

Sarah Soro
Very Useful

I don't have to ruin my nails for those 1 or 2 extra dishes laying around in the sink anymore. Really neat product.

Mike Aspin
Gift for my Wife

Wife thought it was hilarious! Really cool tool to have around the house.