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  • Knife Sharpener 3 Stages

    Kitchen Sharpening Whetstone

Handheld Automatic Dish Scrubber

It’s an automated robot arm dishwasher. The gardens clean in seconds and move to the next one. Effectively clean plates or bowls; all you need is to have hot soapy water.

Switch Bot Curtain

It is a wireless robot that fixes curtains within seconds without you doing the manual way. After you attach the curtains, you can close or open the curtains. Then, with a smartphone, you schedule a time to close or open your curtains.


The hammock is large and strong enough for 3 Adults Sleeping in comfort, can be used as easily in the wild as it can be in the backyard. Our hammock is reinforced with our unique anti-roll strap system which prevents you from rolling to the middle of the tent

Key Features

1- Under floor storage compartments in each corner

2- Control access hatch provides an additional entry point

3- Tensioned anti-roll underfloor strap system

4- Available in mesh and fabric floor

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